flipfalseBoolShould we flip (reverse) the axis?
foreground_color_axismatchaxiscolor, fg_axis, fg_color_axis, fg_colour_axis, fgaxis, fgcolor_axis, fgcolour_axis, foreground_axis, foreground_colour_axisColor Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of axis ticks.
foreground_color_bordermatchbordercolor, fg_border, fg_color_border, fg_colour_border, fgborder, fgcolor_border, fgcolour_border, foreground_border, foreground_colour_borderColor Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of plot area border (spines).
foreground_color_gridmatchfg_color_grid, fg_colour_grid, fg_grid, fgcolor_grid, fgcolour_grid, fggrid, foreground_colour_grid, foreground_grid, gridcolorColor Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of grid lines.
foreground_color_guidematchfg_color_guide, fg_colour_guide, fg_guide, fgcolor_guide, fgcolour_guide, fgguide, foreground_colour_guide, foreground_guide, guidecolorColor Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of axis guides (axis labels).
foreground_color_minor_gridmatchfg_color_minorgrid, fg_colour_minor_grid, fg_minor_grid, fgcolor_minorgrid, fgcolour_minorgrid, fgminorgrid, foreground_colour_minor_grid, foreground_minorgrid, minorgridcolorColor Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of minor grid lines.
foreground_color_textmatchfg_color_text, fg_colour_text, fg_text, fgcolor_text, fgcolour_text, fgtext, foreground_colour_text, foreground_text, textcolorColor Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of tick labels.
formatterautoFunction, :scientific, :plain or :autoA method which converts a number to a string for tick labeling.
gridtrueBool, Symbol, String or `nothing`Show the grid lines? `true`, `false`, `:show`, `:hide`, `:yes`, `:no`, `:x`, `:y`, `:z`, `:xy`, ..., `:all`, `:none`, `:off`
gridalpha0.1ga, galpha, gopacity, gridopacity, gαNumber in [0,1]The alpha/opacity override for the grid lines.
gridlinewidth0.5grid_linewidth, grid_lw, grid_width, gridlw, gridwidthNumberWidth of the grid lines (in pixels)
gridstylesolidgrid_linestyle, grid_ls, grid_style, gridlinestyle, gridlsSymbolStyle of the grid lines. Choose from Symbol[:auto, :solid, :dash, :dot, :dashdot, :dashdotdot]
guideStringAxis guide (label).
guide_positionautoSymbolPosition of axis guides: :top, :bottom, :left or :right
guidefontcolormatchColor TypeFont color of axes guides
guidefontfamilymatchString or SymbolFont family of axes guides.
guidefonthalignhcenterSymbolFont horizontal alignment of axes guides: :hcenter, :left, :right or :center
guidefontrotation0.0RealFont rotation of axes guides
guidefontsize11IntegerFont pointsize of axes guides.
guidefontvalignvcenterSymbolFont vertical alignment of axes guides: :vcenter, :top, :bottom or :center
limsautoNTuple{2,Number} or SymbolForce axis limits. Only finite values are used (you can set only the right limit with `xlims = (-Inf, 2)` for example). `:round` widens the limit to the nearest round number ie. [0.1,3.6]=>[0.0,4.0]
linkAny[]SymbolHow/whether to link axis limits between subplots. Values: `:none`, `:x` (x axes are linked by columns), `:y` (y axes are linked by rows), `:both` (x and y are linked), `:all` (every subplot is linked together regardless of layout position).
minorgridfalseBoolAdds minor grid lines and ticks to the plot. Set minorticks to change number of gridlines
minorgridalpha0.05Number in [0,1]The alpha/opacity override for the minorgrid lines.
minorgridlinewidth0.5minorgrid_linewidth, minorgrid_lw, minorgrid_width, minorgridlw, minorgridwidthNumberWidth of the minor grid lines (in pixels)
minorgridstylesolidminorgrid_linestyle, minorgrid_ls, minorgrid_style, minorgridlinestyle, minorgridlsSymbolStyle of the minor grid lines. Choose from Symbol[:auto, :solid, :dash, :dot, :dashdot, :dashdotdot]
minorticksfalseIntegerIntervals to divide the gap between major ticks into
mirrorfalseBoolSwitch the side of the tick labels (right or top).
rotation0NumberDegrees rotation of tick labels.
scaleidentitySymbolScale of the axis: `:none`, `:ln`, `:log2`, `:log10`
showaxistrueBool, Symbol or StringShow the axis. `true`, `false`, `:show`, `:hide`, `:yes`, `:no`, `:x`, `:y`, `:z`, `:xy`, ..., `:all`, `:off`
tick_directionintick_dir, tick_or, tick_orientation, tickdir, tickdirection, tickor, tickorientationSymbolDirection of the ticks. `:in` or `:out`
tickfontcolormatchColor TypeFont color of tick labels
tickfontfamilymatchString or SymbolFont family of tick labels.
tickfonthalignhcenterSymbolFont horizontal alignment of tick labels: :hcenter, :left, :right or :center
tickfontrotation0.0RealFont rotation of tick labels
tickfontsize8IntegerFont pointsize of tick labels.
tickfontvalignvcenterSymbolFont vertical alignment of tick labels: :vcenter, :top, :bottom or :center
widentrueBoolWiden the axis limits by a small factor to avoid cut-off markers and lines at the borders. Defaults to `true`.