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A Plot is only displayed when returned (a semicolon will suppress the return), or if explicitly displayed with display(plt), gui(), or by adding show = true to your plot command.

Tip: You can have MATLAB-like interactive behavior by setting the default value: default(show = true)

Standalone window

Calling gui(plt) will open a standalone window. gui(), like plot!(...), applies to the "current" Plot. Returning a Plot object to the REPL is like calling gui(plt).

Jupyter / IJulia

Plots are shown inline when returned to a cell. The default output format can be changed by the html_output_format attribute, with alias fmt:

plot(rand(10), fmt = :png)

Juno / Atom

Plots are shown in the Atom PlotPane when possible, either when returned to the console or to an inline code block. At any time, the plot can be opened in a standalone window using the gui() command. The default behavior can be switched to match the REPL behavior (i.e. opening a standalone window) by setting ENV["PLOTS_USE_ATOM_PLOTPANE"] = "false" before loading Plots.

Note that javascript-based libraries (for example: PlotlyJS) cannot be shown in the PlotPane due to issues within Atom's internals.

savefig / png

Save the most recent plot, choosing file type automatically by the extension.


There are also shorthands png(fn), etc. You don't need the file extension for those.