These attributes apply by default to all Axes in a Subplot (for example the subplot[:xaxis]).


You can also specific the x, y, or z axis for each of these attributes by prefixing the attribute name with x, y, or z (for example xmirror only sets the mirror attribute for the x axis).

draw_arrow`false`BoolDraw arrow at the end of the axis.
flip`false`BoolShould we flip (reverse) the axis ?
foreground_color_axisaxiscolor, fg_axis, fg_color_axis, fg_colour_axis, fgaxis, fgcolor_axis, fgcoloraxis, fgcolour_axis, fgcolouraxis, foreground_axis, foreground_colour_axis, foregroundaxis, foregroundcolouraxis`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Color of axis ticks (`:match` matches `:foreground_color_subplot`).
foreground_color_borderbordercolor, fg_border, fg_color_border, fg_colour_border, fgborder, fgcolor_border, fgcolorborder, fgcolour_border, fgcolourborder, foreground_border, foreground_colour_border, foregroundborder, foregroundcolourborder`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Color of plot area border/spines (`:match` matches `:foreground_color_subplot`).
foreground_color_gridfg_color_grid, fg_colour_grid, fg_grid, fgcolor_grid, fgcolorgrid, fgcolour_grid, fgcolourgrid, fggrid, foreground_colour_grid, foreground_grid, foregroundcolourgrid, foregroundgrid, gridcolor`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Color of grid lines (`:match` matches `:foreground_color_subplot`).
foreground_color_guidefg_color_guide, fg_colour_guide, fg_guide, fgcolor_guide, fgcolorguide, fgcolour_guide, fgcolourguide, fgguide, foreground_colour_guide, foreground_guide, foregroundcolourguide, foregroundguide, guidecolor`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Color of axis guides/labels (`:match` matches `:foreground_color_subplot`).
foreground_color_minor_gridfg_color_minorgrid, fg_colour_minor_grid, fg_minor_grid, fgcolor_minorgrid, fgcolorminorgrid, fgcolour_minorgrid, fgcolourminorgrid, fgminorgrid, foreground_colour_minor_grid, foreground_minorgrid, foregroundcolourminorgrid, foregroundminorgrid, minorgridcolor`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Color of minor grid lines (`:match` matches `:foreground_color_subplot`).
foreground_color_textfg_color_text, fg_colour_text, fg_text, fgcolor_text, fgcolortext, fgcolour_text, fgcolourtext, fgtext, foreground_colour_text, foreground_text, foregroundcolourtext, foregroundtext, textcolor`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Color of tick labels (`:match` matches `:foreground_color_subplot`).
formatter`:auto`Union{Function, Symbol}Choose from (:scientific, :plain or :auto), or a method which converts a number to a string for tick labeling.
grid`true`Union{Bool, AbstractString, Symbol}Show the grid lines ? `true`, `false`, `:show`, `:hide`, `:yes`, `:no`, `:x`, `:y`, `:z`, `:xy`, ..., `:all`, `:none`, `:off`.
gridalphaga, galpha, gopacity, gridopacity, gα`0.1`RealThe alpha/opacity override for the grid lines.
gridlinewidthgrid_linewidth, grid_lw, grid_width, gridlinewidth, gridlw, gridwidth`0.5`RealWidth of the grid lines (in pixels).
gridstylegrid_linestyle, grid_ls, grid_style, gridlinestyle, gridls, gridstyle`:solid`SymbolStyle of the grid lines. Choose from [:auto, :solid, :dash, :dot, :dashdot, :dashdotdot].
guide``AbstractStringAxis guide (label).
guide_position`:auto`SymbolPosition of axis guides. Choose from (:top, :bottom, :left, :right).
guidefontcolor`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Font color of axes guides.
guidefontfamily`:match`Union{AbstractString, Symbol}Font family of axes guides.
guidefonthalign`:hcenter`SymbolFont horizontal alignment of axes guides. Choose from (:hcenter, :left, :right, :center).
guidefontrotation`0.0`RealFont rotation of axes guides.
guidefontsizelabelfontsize`11`IntegerFont pointsize of axes guides.
guidefontvalign`:vcenter`SymbolFont vertical alignment of axes guides. Choose from (:vcenter, :top, :bottom, :center).
limslim, limit, limits, range`:auto`Union{Symbol, Tuple{Real, Real}}Force axis limits. Only finite values are used (you can set only the right limit with `xlims = (-Inf, 2)` for example).\n`:round` widens the limit to the nearest round number, i.e. [0.1,3.6]=>[0.0,4.0].\n`:symmetric` sets the limits to be symmetric around zero.\nSet `widen=true` to widen the specified limits (as occurs when lims are not specified).
linklinks`Any[]`SymbolHow/whether to link axis limits between subplots. Values: `:none`, `:x` (x axes are linked by columns), `:y` (y axes are linked by rows), `:both` (x and y are linked), `:all` (every subplot is linked together regardless of layout position).
minorgrid`false`BoolAdds minor grid lines and ticks to the plot. Set minorticks to change number of gridlines.
minorgridalpha`0.05`RealThe alpha/opacity override for the minorgrid lines.
minorgridlinewidthminorgrid_linewidth, minorgrid_lw, minorgrid_width, minorgridlinewidth, minorgridlw, minorgridwidth`0.5`RealWidth of the minor grid lines (in pixels).
minorgridstyleminorgrid_linestyle, minorgrid_ls, minorgrid_style, minorgridlinestyle, minorgridls, minorgridstyle`:solid`SymbolStyle of the minor grid lines. Choose from [:auto, :solid, :dash, :dot, :dashdot, :dashdotdot].
minorticks`:auto`IntegerNumber of minor intervals between major ticks.
mirror`false`BoolSwitch the side of the tick labels (right or top).
rotationr, rot`0`RealDegrees rotation of tick labels.
scale`:identity`SymbolScale of the axis. Choose from [:identity, :ln, :log2, :log10, :asinh, :sqrt].
showaxis`true`Union{Bool, AbstractString, Symbol}Show the axis. `true`, `false`, `:show`, `:hide`, `:yes`, `:no`, `:x`, `:y`, `:z`, `:xy`, ..., `:all`, `:off`.
tick_directiontick_dir, tick_or, tick_orientation, tickdir, tickdirection, tickor, tickorientation`:in`SymbolDirection of the ticks. Choose from (`:in`, `:out`, `:none`).
tickfontcolor`:match`Union{Integer, Symbol, ColorSchemes.ColorScheme, Colorant}Font color of tick labels.
tickfontfamily`:match`Union{AbstractString, Symbol}Font family of tick labels.
tickfonthalign`:hcenter`SymbolFont horizontal alignment of tick labels. Choose from (:hcenter, :left, :right, :center).
tickfontrotation`0.0`RealFont rotation of tick labels.
tickfontsize`8`IntegerFont pointsize of tick labels.
tickfontvalign`:vcenter`SymbolFont vertical alignment of tick labels. Choose from (:vcenter, :top, :bottom, :center).
tickstick`:auto`Union{Nothing, Bool, Symbol, Tuple{AbstractVector{Real}, AbstractVector{AbstractString}}, AbstractVector{Real}}Tick values, (tickvalues, ticklabels), `:auto`/`true`, `:none`/`false`/`nothing` (ticks disabled), or `:native` (tells backend to calculate ticks by itself; good idea for interactive backends with mouse zooming).
unitformat`:round`Union{Nothing, Bool, Char, Function, String, Symbol, Tuple{Vararg{T, var"#s616"}} where {var"#s616"<:Union{Char, String}, T}}Check examples in
widen`:auto`Union{Real, Symbol}Widen the axis limits by a small factor to avoid cut-off markers and lines at the borders.\nIf set to `true`, scale the axis limits by the default factor of Base.RefValue{Float64}(1.06).\nA different factor may be specified by setting `widen` to a number.\nDefaults to `:auto`, which widens by the default factor unless limits were manually set.\nSee also the `scale_limits!` function for scaling axis limits in an existing plot.

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