These attributes apply to the full Plot. (A Plot contains a tree-like layout of Subplots)

background_colorbackground, background_colour, backgroundcolour, bg, bg_color, bg_colour, bgcolor, bgcolour`RGB{N0f8}(1.0,1.0,1.0)`Color TypeBase color for all backgrounds.
background_color_outsidebackground_colour_outside, background_outside, backgroundcolouroutside, backgroundoutside, bg_color_outside, bg_colour_outside, bg_outside, bgcolor_outside, bgcoloroutside, bgcolour_outside, bgcolouroutside, bgoutside`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:background_color`)Color outside the plot area(s)
display_type`auto`Symbol (`:auto`, `:gui`, or `:inline`)When supported, `display` will either open a GUI window or plot inline.
dpi`100`NumberDots Per Inch of output figures
extra_kwargsextra_kwargss, extrakwargss`series`Either one of (`:plot`, `:subplot`, `:series`) to specify for which element extra keyword args are collected or a KW (Dict{Symbol,Any}) to pass a map of extra keyword args which may be specific to a backendDefault: `:series`. Example: `pgfplotsx(); scatter(1:5, extra_kwargs=Dict(:subplot=>Dict("axis line shift" => "10pt"))`
fontfamily`sans-serif`String or SymbolDefault font family for title, legend entries, tick labels and guides
foreground_colorfg, fg_color, fg_colour, fgcolor, fgcolour, foreground, foreground_colour, foregroundcolour`auto`Color TypeBase color for all foregrounds.
html_output_formatfmt, format, html_format, htmlformat`auto`SymbolWhen writing html output, what is the format? `:png` and `:svg` are currently supported.
inset_subplotsfloating, inset`nothing`nothing or vector of 2-tuple (parent,bbox)optionally pass a vector of (parent,bbox) tuples which are the parent layout and the relative bounding box of inset subplots
layout`1`Integer (number of subplots), NTuple{2,Integer} (grid dimensions), AbstractLayout (for example `grid(2,2)`), or the return from the `@layout` macroThis builds the layout of subplots.
link`none`SymbolHow/whether to link axis limits between subplots. Values: `:none`, `:x` (x axes are linked by columns), `:y` (y axes are linked by rows), `:both` (x and y are linked), `:all` (every subplot is linked together regardless of layout position).
overwrite_figureclearfig, clf, overwrite, reuse`true`BoolShould we reuse the same GUI window/figure when plotting (true) or open a new one (false).
plot_title``StringTitle for the whole plot (not the subplots) (Note: Not currently implemented)
pos`(0, 0)`NTuple{2,Int}(left_px, top_px) position of the GUI window (note: currently unimplemented)
showdisplay, gui`false`BoolShould this command open/refresh a GUI/display? This allows displaying in scripts or functions without explicitly calling `display`
sizewindowsize, wsize`(600, 400)`NTuple{2,Int}(width_px, height_px) of the whole Plot
tex_output_standalone`false`BoolWhen writing tex output, should the source include a preamble for a standalone document class.
thickness_scaling`1`NumberScale for the thickness of all line elements like lines, borders, axes, grid lines, ... defaults to 1.
warn_on_unsupportedwarn`true`BoolWarn on unsupported attributes, series types and marker shapes
window_titlewindowtitle, wtitle`Plots.jl`StringTitle of the standalone gui-window.

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