These attributes apply to settings for individual Subplots.

annotationsann, annotate, annotation, anns`Any[]`(x,y,text) tuple(s)Can be a single tuple or a list of them. Text can be String or PlotText (created with `text(args...)`) Add one-off text annotations at the x,y coordinates.
aspect_ratioaspectratio, axis_ratio, axisratio, ratio`auto`Symbol (:equal or :none) or NumberPlot area is resized so that 1 y-unit is the same size as `aspect_ratio` x-units. With `:none`, images inherit aspect ratio of the plot area.
background_color_insidebackground_colour_inside, background_inside, backgroundcolourinside, backgroundinside, bg_color_inside, bg_colour_inside, bg_inside, bgcolor_inside, bgcolorinside, bgcolour_inside, bgcolourinside, bginside`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:background_color_subplot`)Background color inside the plot area (under the grid).
background_color_legendbackground_colour_legend, background_legend, backgroundcolourlegend, backgroundlegend, bg_color_legend, bg_colour_legend, bg_legend, bgcolor_legend, bgcolorlegend, bgcolour_legend, bgcolourlegend, bglegend`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:background_color_subplot`)Background color of the legend.
background_color_subplotbackground_colour_subplot, background_subplot, backgroundcoloursubplot, bg_color_subplot, bg_colour_subplot, bg_subplot, bgcolor_subplot, bgcolorsubplot, bgcolour_subplot, bgcoloursubplot, bgsubplot`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:background_color`)Base background color of the subplot.
bottom_marginbottommargin`match`Measure (multiply by `mm`, `px`, etc) or `:match` (matches `:margin`)Specifies the extra padding on the bottom of the subplot.
cameracam, view_angle, viewangle`(30, 30)`NTuple{2, Real}Sets the view angle (azimuthal, elevation) for 3D plots
climscbar_lims, cbarlims, clim, climits, color_limits, colorlimits`auto``:auto`, NTuple{2,Number}, or a function that takes series data in and returns NTuple{2,Number}Fixes the limits of the colorbar.
color_palettepalette`auto`Vector of colors (cycle through) or color gradient (generate list from gradient) or `:auto` (generate a color list using `Colorsdistiguishable_colors` and custom seed colors chosen to contrast with the background). The color palette is a color list from which series colors are automatically chosen.
colorbarcb, cbar, colorkey`legend`Bool (show the colorbar?) or Symbol (colorbar position)Symbol values: `:none`, `:best`, `:right`, `:left`, `:top`, `:bottom`, `:legend` (matches legend value) (note: only some may be supported in each backend)
colorbar_titlecb_title, cbar_title, cbartitle, cbtitle, colorbartitle, colorkey_title, colorkeytitle``StringTitle of colorbar.
extra_kwargsextra_kwargss, extrakwargss`Dict{Any,Any}()`Either one of (`:plot`, `:subplot`, `:series`) to specify for which element extra keyword args are collected or a KW (Dict{Symbol,Any}) to pass a map of extra keyword args which may be specific to a backendDefault: `:series`. Example: `pgfplotsx(); scatter(1:5, extra_kwargs=Dict(:subplot=>Dict("axis line shift" => "10pt"))`
foreground_color_legendfg_color_legend, fg_colour_legend, fg_legend, fgcolor_legend, fgcolorlegend, fgcolour_legend, fgcolourlegend, fglegend, foreground_colour_legend, foreground_legend, foregroundcolourlegend, foregroundlegend`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Foreground color of the legend.
foreground_color_subplotfg_color_subplot, fg_colour_subplot, fg_subplot, fgcolor_subplot, fgcolorsubplot, fgcolour_subplot, fgcoloursubplot, fgsubplot, foreground_colour_subplot, foreground_subplot, foregroundcoloursubplot, foregroundsubplot`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color`)Base foreground color of the subplot.
foreground_color_titlefg_color_title, fg_colour_title, fg_title, fgcolor_title, fgcolortitle, fgcolour_title, fgcolourtitle, fgtitle, foreground_colour_title, foreground_title, foregroundcolourtitle, foregroundtitle, titlecolor`match`Color Type or `:match` (matches `:foreground_color_subplot`)Color of subplot title.
framestyleaxes_style, axesstyle, border, border_style, borderstyle, box, box_style, boxstyle, frame, frame_style, framestyle`axes`SymbolStyle of the axes frame. Choose from [:box, :semi, :axes, :origin, :zerolines, :grid, :none]
left_marginleftmargin`match`Measure (multiply by `mm`, `px`, etc) or `:match` (matches `:margin`)Specifies the extra padding to the left of the subplot.
legendkey, leg`best`Bool (show the legend?) or (x,y) tuple or Symbol (legend position)Bottom left corner of legend is placed at (x,y). Symbol values: `:none`; `:best`; `:inline`; `:inside`; `:legend`; any valid combination of `:(outer ?)(top/bottom ?)(right/left ?)`, i.e.: `:top`, `:topright`, `:outerleft`, `:outerbottomright` ... (note: only some may be supported in each backend)
legendfontcolor`match`Color TypeFont color of legend entries
legendfontfamily`match`String or SymbolFont family of legend entries.
legendfonthalign`hcenter`SymbolFont horizontal alignment of legend entries: :hcenter, :left, :right or :center
legendfontrotation`0.0`RealFont rotation of legend entries
legendfontsize`8`IntegerFont pointsize of legend entries.
legendfontvalign`vcenter`SymbolFont vertical alignment of legend entries: :vcenter, :top, :bottom or :center
legendtitlekey_title, keytitle, label_title, labeltitle, leg_title, legend_title, legendtitle, legtitle`nothing`StringLegend title.
legendtitlefontcolor`match`Color TypeFont color of the legend title
legendtitlefontfamily`match`String or SymbolFont family of the legend title.
legendtitlefonthalign`hcenter`SymbolFont horizontal alignment of the legend title: :hcenter, :left, :right or :center
legendtitlefontrotation`0.0`RealFont rotation of the legend title
legendtitlefontsize`11`IntegerFont pointsize the legend title.
legendtitlefontvalign`vcenter`SymbolFont vertical alignment of the legend title: :vcenter, :top, :bottom or :center
margin`1.0mm`Measure (multiply by `mm`, `px`, etc)Base for individual margins... not directly used. Specifies the extra padding around subplots.
projectionproj`none`Symbol or String'3d' or 'polar'
right_marginrightmargin`match`Measure (multiply by `mm`, `px`, etc) or `:match` (matches `:margin`)Specifies the extra padding to the right of the subplot.
subplot_index`-1`IntegerInternal (not set by user). Specifies the index of this subplot in the Plot's `plt.subplot` list.
title``StringSubplot title.
titlefontcolor`match`Color TypeFont color of subplot title
titlefontfamily`match`String or SymbolFont family of subplot title.
titlefonthalign`hcenter`SymbolFont horizontal alignment of subplot title: :hcenter, :left, :right or :center
titlefontrotation`0.0`RealFont rotation of subplot title
titlefontsize`14`IntegerFont pointsize of subplot title.
titlefontvalign`vcenter`SymbolFont vertical alignment of subplot title: :vcenter, :top, :bottom or :center
titlelocationtitle_align, title_alignment, title_loc, title_location, title_pos, title_position, titlealign, titlealignment, titleloc, titlelocation, titlepos, titleposition`center`SymbolPosition of subplot title. Values: `:left`, `:center`, `:right`
top_margintopmargin`match`Measure (multiply by `mm`, `px`, etc) or `:match` (matches `:margin`)Specifies the extra padding on the top of the subplot.

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